Via San Claudio 14, 62014 Corridonia (Macerata)
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+39 0733 288144

Macerata and surroundings

 is  the capital of the province of Macerata in the Marche region, is a rich for its history and interesting for its macerata9geographic position.

The city indeed is located on a hill 315 mt. high, between the valleys of rivers Chienti and Potenza, the Adriatic coast is only 18 km. far, reachable through the “superstrada” (motorway)

In fact, the city is situated on a hill 315m above sea level, is located between the valley of the Chienti and the Valley of Potenza, also only 12 miniuti by car lies the Adriatic coast easily accessible via the highway.

What to visit in Macerata

  • the Cathedral of Macerata, in the neoclassical style of the sixteenth century, is characterized by its external simplicity contrasted explosion of sated percebile in its interior designed by Cosimo Morelli.
  • Sferisterio Opera festival is an outdoor theatre and opera house, with an excellent acoustic. Every summer, thousands of lyric music lovers, come to Macerata, both to attend to the Opera or to visit this magnificent arena. Among the most famous show, Musicultura, Operaperta. Visit the web site
  • The wonderful Piazza della Libertà and Piazza Mazzini, where takes place every Wednesday the local market.

Macerata is a very quite and welcoming city, very suitable for families, week-enders and for cultural or natural lovers.

In Macerata and surroundings the accommodation available is widening more and more: there are many cottages sprung up in recent years, although the bulk of the accommodation capacity of the city is given by historians Hotel Macerata.

The Hamlet of San Claudio

San claudio is a fraction of Corridonia, easily reached from the superstarda of Macerata

Attraction of the town is the famous Abbey of San Claudio builded in the eleventh century, one of the oldest and most important testimonies of the Romanesque in the Marches, still intact in its original conformation and inserted in a naturalistic landscape.